Season Dates (To be finalised)                                

  • Monday 6th November – Monday 11th December 2023     
  • Monday 12th February – Monday 1st April 2024
  • Junior Club Nights      5:50pm – 7pm
  • Senior Club Nights      5:50pm – 7:30pm


Age groups are the athlete’s age as at 31st December of the current year. All children compete in these age groups unless they are asked to compete in an age up from their own.     

  • Juniors: 3-6 years old
  • Seniors: 7-14 years old
  • Age at 31/12/2023

Registration and Fees

All fees paid to the Club contains affiliation levies to NZCAA, the Auckland Centre and Mt Smart. Our club fee covers our Track and Field activities for the season, allocated towards administration, equipment maintenance, club awards and prize giving's. Please help to maintain and keep the field area clean and tidy during the season.

  • Juniors $100
  • Seniors $120
  • T-Shirt $35

Club Uniform 

Competing athletes must wear club uniform during the season. This includes Club Nights, Ribbon Days and any other competitions.
1. Black Shorts or Black cycle pants
2. Club T-Shirt with Age Patch attached (Age Patch with Club Number is given out on first night)

Athletes cannot compete without the correct uniform at Club Night or Away Meets.


Notices are given out at the start of club nights at 5:50pm

You can also check the website www.ellerslie-athletics.co.nz  


Club Night Cancellations are updated after 4pm on the website and Facebook

An email is also sent.

Cancellations are usually for persistent rain or lightning

Help on Club Nights

Help is essential on club nights for the smooth operation of the club.

Age Managers are required for each age group, boys and girls.

The Age Manager is responsible for their age group, ensuring they get to their events during club nights and that other parents are sharing with the help in running the events.

Club Calendar

The Club Calendar is on the website.

This shows what’s on every week including special events like Ribbon Nights.


There is a Senior Timetable on the website

The Senior timetable has a two week rotation. (Week 1 and Week 2)

Points System 

Points which are awarded throughout the season are accumulated at the end of the season. The first 3 athletes with the most points are awarded trophies. Some age groups have extra trophies for specific categories. Points are awarded for race placings and attendance. It is the responsibility of each athlete/parent to ensure that their attendance on each club night is recorded by their Team Manager on arrival.

Awards and Trophies 

It has never been the club policy to give every athlete an award at prize giving. However, there is plenty of opportunities for athletes to earn an award throughout the season. A variety of medals, ribbons, certificates and trophies are awarded both at the end and during the season to all age groups for both track and field events.

Behaviour and Misconduct 

All athletes are ambassadors of our club and in the public eye throughout the season. Spitting, swearing, fighting, verbal abuse and general misconduct will not be tolerated. Those athletes behaving in such a manner will be suspended from competing for a time determined by the club committee.

Complaints Procedure

Athletes and Parents who have a genuine grievance or complaint, should in the first instance discuss it with a committee member who will try to resolve the issue. Should the grievance or complaint not be resolved, you may be asked to forward your grievance or complaint in writing to the committee within 7 days. You will receive a hand-written reply within a timely fashion once the committee has reviewed the grievance or complaint.

Club History

The History of the Club from 1932 to 1982 can be found at the Auckland Public Library. Enquire at the Information desk.

Training Nights                                                                                   

Specialised training nights are on Tuesday nights from 4:30-5:30pm during the season. These training nights are intended for athletes intending on competing in Auckland Athletics events.

Away Meets

To attend “away meetings”, athletes must be registered and wear the correct Club uniform. More details are on the Athletics Auckland Website http://athleticsauckland.co.nz/Get-Involved/Junior-Track-and-Field


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